Leaps: A Multiplicity of Selves and the 5 Year Plan

“I think I’ve been living my life by slogging through whatever I thought would make me successful in five years, independent of my happiness or current satisfaction, and I’m tired.”
“Now you’re starting to get it.”

Lately, I’ve been in a paralysis of decision-making, ungrounded and upturned in whatever I thought I had wanted or desired. At what point do you admit that you’re unhappy and start all over again?

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Updates: Things I’ve Forgotten to Write

From my desk at the Vail Marriott, the snow keeps pace in a heavy flurry, and I find myself overwhelmingly thankful for the view as I struggle to tease out a page of my thesis. It’s been awhile, to say the least. As of lately, self-reflection has been in short supply. Not because it doesn’t happen, but because there is too much going on to give space to it. I recently told someone, “I’m in a weird space:” a space that consists of overhaul and change and questioning and striving for things I want but am not yet capable of, a slow slugging through the mud of maturation.

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